How to Block Phone Number? – Ultimate Guide

how to block phone number

How to Block Phone Number? – Ultimate Guide


Mobile phone harassment:

How to Block Phone Number? – Ultimate Guide After the mobile phone became an important element in a person’s life, and the number of its users increased greatly,  a group of people took advantage of this development in the field of communication negatively, by occupying mobile phone users with useless things that may lead to harm to his time and money. . Annoying people use multiple methods via the mobile phone to achieve specific goals, examples of which are: Making mock calls for the purpose of entertainment. Threatening the mobile phone user and forcing him to make decisions that may benefit the spam and harm him.   Accusing the mobile phone user of false facts or news in order to make him fall into the trap of fraud.  Sexually extorting the mobile phone user.  Sending false or otherwise spam messages Mission. And other types of inconveniences and inconveniences that have opened up the world of communications,   which any mobile phone user must take precautions and learn how to avoid these risks. Be aware that harassment via cell phones may evolve and become threats to victims’ lives and security. A threatening phone may lure the victim into a deadly trap, or a person who has been sexually blackmailed may resort to suicide because he is unable to fulfill the demands of the aggressor. As soon as possible, in order to secure the necessary protection for him and his family, in addition to holding the aggressor accountable for what he deserves


how to block phone number


Types of harassment via mobile phone:

Due to the development of mobile phones, and the increase in the number of applications used in it, there are many types of harassment that can be exploited, and they are divided into two main branches in the field of mobile phones, which are: harassment by means of messages (including chatting applications), and harassment by contact, and each of them has methods of exploitation. And the types of harm that may be inflicted on the victim. The harassment via messaging includes short text harassment, and harassment via chat applications such as WhatsApp. The attacker sends harassing, threatening, or propaganda messages to the victim on a continuous basis. Communication harassment includes the usual methods of communication in addition to communication applications via the Internet, including what is sound only, and some of it is sound and image, and the latter is the last. In order for the aggressor to know the shape of the victim, then the aggressor in this case contacts the victim and deceives or threatens him


Block Spam numbers:

Perhaps one of the best ways to avoid mobile phone harassment is to block the number that causes disturbance, but first, you must know the source of this annoyance (messages or communications) and its type. Before starting to take technical steps to solve this problem, it is preferable to inform the subscriber service center in the used telecommunications company, as some telecommunications companies provide the feature of blocking numbers, in addition to the possibility of completely separating the annoying number from the service, and owners of old mobile phones that do not have such solutions Supports blocking numbers

how to block phone number

Teps to block numbers from phone settings:

The process of blocking numbers depends on the type of mobile phone and its operating system, so you must know whether the operating system version you are using supports this feature or not, and if this system needs an update to support it.


The Android version must support this feature, in addition to the fact that many Android phone manufacturers add this feature, even if it is not supported by the used Android system, and it is as follows:
1. Go to the contact list. Go to the settings through this menu (usually found through an icon with three vertical dots).
2. Go to the call option. Clicking on the Call Rejection option.
3. Enter the Auto reject list option.
4- Add the desired number by blocking it


Not all versions of the iOS operating system support number blocking, but only starting from the seventh version (called iOS 7) and all later versions of that, and it is as follows:
1. Go to Settings.
2. Go to phone settings.
3.Click on the Blocked option.
4. Add the desired number by blocking it.


Taking legal action against disturbers:

Through the previous operations, the process of blocking unwanted numbers has occurred, and it is also worth noting that in the case of continuous and repeated harassment from a specific phone number, the mobile phone user can inform the police about the owner of the number who does such actions, and the police will take the necessary measures to prevent it From continuing to harassment by him, [17] especially that when some people discover that the mobile phone user has blocked their calls, they may try to call and disturb other numbers than their banned numbers, and here the best solution is to report them to the police in order to be prevented Legally and take the punishment they deserve for their inconvenience and harassment of others


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