How to calculate square feet? Best Tutorial

how to calculate square feet

How to calculate square feet? Best Tutorial

Overview of the foot and the meter :

How to calculate square feet?,The foot unit can be defined as one of the units used in the English system and the American customary system for measuring height (Imperial and US customary systems), and compared to other units of length measurement in these systems, the yard unit contains three feet, While one foot contains 12 inches, a unit of foot is usually denoted by the symbol ‘; Where 10 feet can be written in the form of 10 ‘, and in contrast, the meter (m) (in English: Meter) is the basic unit used to measure length in the Global System of Units (SI unit), or what is known as the metric system, and it should be noted that one meter is equal to the amount of 3.2808399 feet, or approximately 3.28 feet, meaning that a foot is smaller than a meter, and in 1959 AD a foot was defined as equal to 0.3048 meters, and this can be proven by placing a 1-meter ruler next to a one-foot ruler to produce that the one-foot ruler constitutes 0.3048 From the ruler, which is 1 meter long.


Converting from feet to meters:

Converting between the foot and meter units can be done easily using one of the following laws:
– The value in meters = the value in feet / 3.280.
– The value in meters = the value in feet x 0.3048


how to calculate square feet


Examples of converting from feet to meters First Example:

Convert the following values from feet to meters:
A) 0.1 ft
B) 5 feet
C) 10 feet
D) 3 feet
E) 50 feet
F) 1,000 feet
G) 2 feet


You can convert from foot unit to meter unit using the following formula: The value in meters = the value in feet x 0.3048, and thus:
A) 0.1 feet = 0.1 x 0.3048 = 0.03048 m.
B) 5 feet = 5 x 0.3048 = 1.524 m.
C) 10 feet = 10 x 0.3048 = 3.048 m.
D) 3 feet = 3 x 0.3048 = 0.9144 m.
E) 50 feet = 50 x 0.3048 = 15.24 m.
F) 1000 feet = 1000 x 0.3048 = 304.8 meters.
G) 2 feet = 2 x 0.3048 = 0.6096 m.



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