Learn how to Take Screenshot on windows

screenshoot on windwos

Learn how to Take screenshot on windows

If you are a frequent windows computer user, you must have had a moment when you had to take a screenshot of the computer; Maybe you want to save some information from a specific location, or you want to show someone some of the tasks you are doing. Maybe you just want to send a friend a picture containing your results in a game to spark competition between the two of you.

Yes, we all went through situations like this, where screen photography with a mobile phone was not a good decision. After you return the image, you will find that it is of low resolution and unclear. So have you ever wondered how to take a computer screenshot? There are several ways to take a computer screen capture without using different programs. You can use the method that you think is faster for you.

Ways to take a screenshot of a computer in a Windows system

1.Using the Print Screen button


screenshoot on windwos


There are several methods available to take a screenshot within the Windows system, and the simplest one at all is to use the PRT SC button (i.e. Print Screen) on your keyboard (you may have to use the FN button with it in order for it to work on some laptops), and you can make use of the button As follows:

Pressing the PRT SC button: When you press the button alone, the computer takes a screenshot without saving it. You can use the image by pasting it into any program that displays the images, such as Paint or MS WORD.
Pressing Alt and PRT SC: In this case, you will get a screenshot of the active window on the screen only while neglecting the rest of the screen sections, and this option can help you avoid cutting the edges later. Of course, here too you can paste the image into a photo-editing program.


Pressing Windows + Shift + S: When you press these three buttons together, the screen will darken somewhat and the shape of the mouse pointer will change, and here you can select the section of the screen that you want to photograph. After completing the command, you will get a copy of the image in the clipboard, and this will require you to copy it into an image editing program for safekeeping.

Press the Windows PRT SC + button: these two buttons will take a full-screen image and save it directly and instantly in Pictures folder under a sub-folder named (Screen shots).


Using the Game Bar

Even with it being a dedicated gaming service, you can benefit from it in other programs, and for that, you must press the Windows + G button to show the game bar in front of you. A new window will appear that includes shooting options, including shooting a video or shooting the last 30 seconds and taking a screenshot
Capture your computer screen using the Game Bar


Use the Snipping Tool

how to screeenshot on windows

You can use the Snipping Tool that enables you to crop a portion of the screen and save it as desired. All you have to do is run the program, then a set of options will appear for you, and from the Mode button or from the arrow appearing next to the word New in the image, you can choose how you want to crop the image.

For example, you can freely crop the desired part, choose a specific window and shoot it completely, or crop the image as a rectangle. It also provides you a full screen capture feature as well as a PrtSc button. You can also modify the image using the options shown in the program bar, such as using the yellow color or using the pen, for example, to record notes on the image. In addition, you can add a timer to crop or capture the photo.

Screenshot on Linux

Taking a screenshot on Linux is not as easy as that provided by other systems, due to the lack of a unified method for Linux systems, and in general the service is related to the type of distribution and the desktop interface that the user has installed on his device, however, you still have several ways to take a screenshot.
Screen capture of distributions that support the Gnome environment

Although the SPRT SC button does not work on most Linux distributions, it is available on many distributions that support the Gnome desktop environment; Like Ubuntu and Mint, it works like this:

Press the PRT SC button and a full screen shot will be taken and you will be asked where to save the snapshot
Press ALT + PRT SC to take a screenshot of a specific window without capturing the rest of the screen
Press Shift + PRT SC to take a screenshot with the option to select the location of the snapshot. This shortcut enables you to specify where you want to take a picture.
Open the Screenshot Utility. The Genome Screen Capture Tool is an additional method for obtaining screenshots. You can find it in the Accessories folder under the Applications menu. This tool enables you to select the type of screenshot you want, along with many other options.

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