How to tame a horse in minecraft? Ultimate Guide

How to tame a horse in minecraft

How to tame a horse in minecraft? Ultimate Guide


How to tame a horse in minecraft? Ultimate Guide, In the world of Minecraft there are many animals to interact with. Each one has a different job: there are them for breeding, those for defending the player and those to facilitate a long distance journey in less time. In the last example, one of the animals most used is a horse, which I found without much difficulty in the world of Minecraft. I bet you saw them too, but everyone you encounter is wild and not tame.

how do you say? Are things really like this? Don’t worry, because I have the solution to your question. In fact, in today’s guide I’ll show you how to tame a horse in Minecraft so that you can succeed in your attempt and use of horses for your explorations within the game world. In addition to that, I will also explain to you how to properly ride a horse and how to take care of it.

Well: What if you start reading the advice I’ve prepared for you in this tutorial? You will only need a few minutes of free time, and at the end of the reading, I assure you that you too will be able to tame a horse in Minecraft. Come on, sit comfortably, pay attention to my instructions and apply them: The results will surprise you. I can only wish you a good read and, above all, a lot of fun!

Elementary operations

Tame a horse in Minecraft:

It is a process that requires little patience. This usually takes only a few minutes to complete, but it is important that you have what you need first and be prepared.

Horses are not available in any region of the Minecraft world, but that does not detract from the fact that they are easy to spot. In fact, it can be found easily in the biome. Savannahs and lowlands grouped into a small herd. It is made up of foals that cannot be tamed and adult horses that may be a good fit for you instead.

Every horse is different: first and foremost because of you is a mantle, which can have different colors, lines and pigments. But the difference is not only in this, but also in its stats: the horse has a variable number of life points, but also one with a different speed of movement y de jump. What I recommend is taming many, until you find the one that suits your needs.

Also, keep in mind that there are several other types of horses, such as mules ÉL colts that differ in use from horses. The latter, in fact, could be equipped with a saddle, to be installed and shielded to withstand enemy attacks; On the other hand, donkeys cannot wear shields, although they can be caught with a saddle, but it is possible to place a box on their back to carry things.

While horses and donkeys can be raised, and made to mate to generate pups for breeding, on the other hand, mules cannot mate. Apart from this feature, mules are similar to donkeys in that it is possible to equip a backpack on the back for carrying equipment, which is useful while exploring.

Regardless of the type of horse you want to tame, first keep in mind that you need one saddle, to be able to take the newly domesticated animal to the shelter. This item cannot be manufactured, so it can be obtained through exploration and searching in chests, that is, containers that have various treasures and useful items inside them.

It can be found in various places, such as in Inferior Power, which I told you about how to reach it in my guide, in Strong o Temples found during examination or in City of End.

Also, in People, look for a non-player character (png), the name of the thing koya, which will allow you to get one seat in exchange for 10 Emeralds, for riding animals, such as horses and pigs.

If you don’t have this purchase option available, remember that while you’re trading NPCs, they’ll unlock new items for purchase. Bring some animal skins and do some trade, until you unlock the saddle option.


how to tame a horse in minecraft

Tame a horse:

After getting a saddle for a horse, you must find a saddle to tame it. As I mentioned in the previous chapter, horses are available in few herds.

As soon as you see a few grown horses, approach and interact with them, without equipping any items in the quick hatch. When you do this, an avatar will install it. However, the horse will lead him to the ground in a few moments.

You will have to do the same process several times, and climb onto the horse’s back, until the latter are surrounded by hearts. This will indicate that the animal is domesticated and may be transported to your shelter.

Unfortunately, a player cannot move a horse without one. seat. With the avatar on its back, open the inventory to access the Horse Team admin panel. Then pull the saddle up to the saddle hole for the pet to use.

By doing this, you will now be able to move your horse in any direction, and reach exploration sites faster.


how to tame a horse in minecraft


Feed the horse:

The horse’s health points must be recovered whenever lost due to enemy attacks. In this sense, you should know that a horse’s health points regenerate automatically, but in case you need to retrieve them without waiting, you can get them by feeding the animal. Foods a horse can use are sugar, wheat, apples and vanilla. Each of these allows you to recover an increasing amount of HP.

If you are using a golden apple or one golden carrot, in addition to restoring life points, the mating mode is activated, allowing the horses used to guarantee the production of foals. In the following lines, in conclusion, I will show you how to produce or find the food necessary to feed the horses that I have domesticated.

Sugar (treats 1 life point): obtained on the workbench by adding one sugar cane or as a reward for defeating witches.
Wheat (treats 2 health points): obtained directly from wheat farms or inside a bathing suit what you find while exploring.
My Apple (addresses 3 health points): Apples are collected from Rubles. When extracting wood from this type of tree, there is a possibility that apples are obtained. You can also find it inside the bathing suit file.
– Golden carrot (tackles 4 life points): It is obtained by placing eight gold nuggets on the work table and a regular carrot in the middle.
– Golden apple (heals 10 health points): Eight gold bars must be placed inside a workbench, and one in the hole in the middle is placed my apples.
Hano (treats 20 health points): Hay is not obtained naturally, but by collecting nine units of grain on the workbench.


Enter trust:

How to tame a horse in minecraft

When an animal eats from your hands, you will have the opportunity to climb its back. Naturally, this opportunity should be taken advantage of. But do not set high expectations on the first try – stallions, most likely, will keep you off your back, so they are arranged in Minecraft. How to tame a horse the first time? Here no one can answer you, because the animal’s reaction is randomly generated, so it is likely that you will be able to make friends with the Persians from the first and fifth time. If you are excluded, don’t go looking for another horse – just repeat the procedure. Feed another 5 to 10 apples – for this reason you need a large amount of food, after which try to climb again on the animal again. If successful, you can be congratulated – the first step to taming the horse that you did. One of the most interesting questions from the game “Maynkraft” – “How to tame a horse” – almost found its answer. But just sitting on your back at the horse is not enough to drive it.


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