How to unblock someone on Facebook? Ultimate Guide

unblock someone on facebook

How to unblock someone on Facebook? Ultimate Guide

If it happened that you blocked someone’s account by mistake, or if you wanted to unblock a Facebook account, you blocked it in the past for any reason. And now you want to reconnect with him, you can unblock him directly and easily, by following some simple steps, continue reading this article to learn how to unblock the ban in detail.

How to cancel the ban on Facebook:

You can cancel the ban that you have activated on someone’s Facebook account, by following the following steps:

1. After you choose the browser you want, whether it is (Google Chrome), (Firefox) or others, go to the Facebook website through the following link (

2. Log in to your Facebook account by entering the required information. It is the email address (E-mail), or the phone number that you used when creating the account, and the password used to protect the account. Enter it also in the field designated for it.

3. You will go directly to the main Facebook page, which is the latest news feed, by clicking on the down arrow at the top of the page from the right (if you use the English language), or from the left (if you use Arabic) .

4. A menu will appear for you containing some options, choose Settings, the general settings page for the Facebook account will open, click on the blocking option on the right of the screen (if you use the Arabic language), or the word (Blocking) on ​​the left Screen (in case you are using the English language).

Note: You can shorten the previous two steps by clicking on the Settings button at the bottom of the page next to Chat, and then choosing the Block Setting.


unblock someone on facebook

5. The blocking settings page will appear for you divided into several parts, each part provides a specific service. Through the block users section, you will see a list of all the people you have blocked in the past, search for the name of the person you want to unblock, And click on the Unblock button next to the name.

6. A confirmation message will appear for the unblocking process. Accept it by clicking on the Confirm button.

By doing this, the person will be unblocked and all previously blocked features will be activated. You can resend him a friend request again.

Note: You can remove the ban whenever you want, as in the previous steps, but you must note that removing the ban requires 48 hours from the ban process, i.e. two full days; Therefore, it is advised to be patient before pressing any button.


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